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Country spotlight - Moldova

If you have not seen the postings around Linkedin, the hashtag #CreativeMoldova is trending right now as the country is showing growth in the tech and creative spaces.  

Two leaders in the space of tech growth are DreamUps and Startup Moldova, both unique in their own right, but leading the charge to create a more tech-forward space for creatives to flex their muscles. 

Fast facts about Moldova before we get into both of these great organizations. 

Having strong startups is the goal of two main players, the first one being Startup Moldova. Known for hosting the Startup Moldova Summit 2024, and empowering tech through networking and mentorship. Currently, they are showing 180+ startups in their directory growing, and since I am working with them currently to redo their homepage, I know that number is higher.

Homepage for StartUp Moldova

Startup Moldova aims to be the bridge to foster connections between funding, founders, the Government, and the piles of paperwork you can easily get lost in, without support. They are currently running a campaign to raise funds, you can designate 2% to their mission HERE. 

Working closely with Startup Moldova, you have an amazing organization called DreamUps which boasts the goal of lifting you from zero to Unicorn.  Known for hosting Dreamicon, which for those of you in Moldova, you unfortunately just missed, but there will be another in the fall. 

DreamUps Home page

DreamUps mentions on their site, that they have connected 215,000+ founders globally and were the reason the SelfTalk and I connected initially. DreamUps is built by founders and is for founders, so their connection to the startups they host is strong. 

Finally, if you have bumped into the hashtag #CreativeMoldova, you will note that it is hosted by Invest Moldova, a site dedicated to growing startups, and creative endeavors and hosts over 2,832 startups both within the software industry and others. 

Chief of party for Romania

Being that Moldova is one of the least visited countries in Europe, hosting only 11,000 tourists every year, not only will you beat the crowds to the largest wine cellar in the world. But you will have a direct connection to the growing startup scene that is thriving in the background. 

Cheers - Zach

"Country spotlight - Moldova"

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