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Merca is a system to target and track user data online to create live landing pages for companies' sites, bringing all available stock to the landing page of an ad campaign that was catered to the user's profile, essentially increasing RoAS by 150%.

Heading into Shoptalk 2024 (E-commerce conference) with only a week to revamp our website was a major hurdle. While the product proposition was solid, transforming a wealth of information into a succinct, engaging online presence was out of my wheelhouse.

I met Zach previously at a conference and his interest in my journey and product made a lasting impression. When faced with the urgent need to overhaul our website, it was his immediate grasp of the challenge and readiness to dive in that clinched the decision for me.

Zach was instrumental in refining our website’s value proposition and its overall content strategy. He didn’t just redesign a website; he sharpened our messaging, guided our marketing strategies, and aligned our offerings more closely with our target audience’s perspective.

The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Our new website now mirrors the professionalism and innovation of our product. Zach’s meticulous approach to content strategy and design has significantly elevated our brand’s online presence, making a compelling case to potential partners and customers at the conference. The detailed time logs and active involvement in every meeting underscore his commitment, making him an ideal long-term partner. His impact is clearly reflected in the positive feedback from stakeholders and the increased engagement on our new site.


 Mock Up 

*Still in design*

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Moonshot is a pro-bono account through an accelerator I work with in Moldova (DreamUps) and Kardo the owner.


Moonshot specializes in all steps of the software design process, creating a white glove service for software ideas, from planning to execution, and development, even offering fractional work to the leader of the startup. 

Since the site was initially written in Romanian and translated into English, the cultural barriers created a bit of a disconnect as to what they do. We took the headline and ran with the term ‘liaison’ which ironically does not translate to Romanian but perfectly describes what they do, both as designers, or connectors to the right assets if your project calls for it. 

The biggest challenge most business leaders face is that their idea is larger than the software can meet, so being 8x previous founders they are willing to help scale expectations. 

The site is still under development, but this is a mockup of what the final should look like. It should be noted we chose to move the logos above the fold, because they are a growing company and needed to show their legitimacy. 





Twist is a teaching site we use with incubators and shows the subtle changes text can have on a site. Specifically when you consider your site as a part of the buyer's journey, you start to consider the messaging on your site as steps in that journey, not just laid out at random. 

We always make sure to explain the importance of having your site start with a problem statement followed by a solution statement.


Fundamentally the average person spends less than 45 seconds on your site, and typically it is because of curiosity, not because they are currently looking for a solution. A problem statement helps highlight the cost of inaction if they do not change. 

Twist also factors in the weight of the text regarding the balance of the page. 

"We worked long hours to get my shop up and running with the right messaging to attract customers. Most agencies were not up to the challenge because it was the casino business, but Zach was able to make it perfect."

- Nick Welborn

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