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Is my website clear?

2024 Ebsta data shows that we have jumped from 7 signatures to 11 signatures to close a deal, assuming because of the bad climate, in most cases that paperwork has to flow through the CFO, does your message have enough clarity to get through their decision-making process?


The CFO is not completely disconnected from the industry terms, but it's not a common conversation in their day, and with such a limited amount of time dedicated to approving your product, you should avoid all roadblocks. It's obviously much easier in a face-to-face meeting, but likely the CFO is going to get an email from your champion or pass along data. If they get stuck on something, are they really going to Google for clarity about something that costs money, they do not want to spend to begin with, why risk it?

Let's go through an example that I love to talk about….

  1. We are a naturally aspirated double overhead cam, parallel twin motorcycle. 

  2. We are a street-style motorcycle that is focused on being light but quick. 

We as humans naturally go into such flowering language when we talk about ourselves or our product that it starts to get lost in extensive detail, sometimes you just have to KISS - Keep it simple stupid. 

Getting back to the main question, is your website confusing, let's go through some checks. 

  1. Do you clearly state the problem you solve at the top of the page?

  1. Is that problem a BUSINESS problem, not a TECHNICAL problem? 

This is extra important if you sell in America, and into tech. There are major cutbacks in spending and every C suite member is trying to look to do more with less, but the main goal of every company is to gain more money, lose less money, gain market share, etc. If you want to highlight a business problem, not a technical problem, you need to tell me why “not making enough calls” - a technical problem, effects my overall business - “you miss quarter 4 numbers.”

  1. Do you clearly state the solution to the problem at the top of your page?

  1. Does your website place your customer problems at the forefront of your focus?

  1. Is your page optimized for mobile view?

According to Gartner, 75% of buyers prefer a rep-free experience - so thinking about all these steps might seem like a bit of overkill, but considering 75% is a whole bunch of your market and that 70% of your web traffic never returns, making your messaging as clear and straightforward as possible helps in a BIG way. 

Cheers! - Zach 

"Is my website clear?"

PS - I am struggling with the idea of emailing this blog instead of posting to Linkedin, but I love a clean inbox, so if you are one of the 145 people who read this every week, but do not comment, can you shoot me a message, or a thumbs up if you think this should be emailed instead?

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