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Building a localization company in public

I joined Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America 4 years ago and quickly fell in love with the feeling of helping someone grow - his name was Gage and we grew from 3rd grade until he took off in middle school and unfortunately had to move.

But I was bitten by the bug. 

I started my own localization firm that will grow over the next few years - Duży Brat - helping overseas companies sell to Americans.  

Duży Brat was born out of the idea of mentorship. But an accidental encounter with some overseas companies led to great partnerships that solidified the idea. I know it seems obvious, but it was a great reminder that good ideas come from all over the world, not just America & I learned that market research was a huge time suck for a new founder. 

Blind spots were the biggest complaint. There is tons of education and worksheets, learning portals and accelerators but if you do not know your own blind spots you end up tripping over small mistakes that snowball into bigger problems later on. But every startup was not built for a big GTM agency to get involved. Duży Brat is ‘Big Brother’ in Polish, that is exactly what we intend to be, someone to bounce ideas off, watch over your shoulder, and help you create that marketing lift you need. 

  • Does this saying have the same impact in english?

  • Do I really need a CRM? 

  • What kind of marketing message works for the East Coast VS the West?

I chose to build in public because I WELCOME your FEEDBACK, I want someone to tell me when there is an improvement to be made, and fully intend to listen. 

Imposter syndrome is real, but I also know when I did a personal skill assessment that I had something to give. 

So here is to all the big brothers in the world lifting people up. 

Na zdrowie, 


"building a company in public"

PS - If I have personally helped you out at any point, I would love for you to checkout the website and give me your thoughts, criticism, feedback, I would really appreciate it. 

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