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How do I sell my product in America? (foolproof)

3 simple steps.

  1. Education 

  2. Problem 

  3. Solution 

1 - Education - It is likely that the information you take for granted as years of accumulated knowledge is going to be education for the next person. Even if they already know the information it is always a nice reminder, that's why your grandma always reminds you to say please & thank you!

If you can position yourself as the expert in a field, customers are more likely to trust your opinion, it is the reason I do not tell my plumber what to do - they are the experts. You can build your position as the expert, even across the ocean, by creating consistent and comprehensive educational blogs, or articles. This 15-minute task is going to also drive traffic to your website, so make sure to link it to your site. 

In the case of having writer's block, a quick tip I always use is to google the space that I work in and do some internal learning. This helps me because I grow better in my craft, but also allows my creativity to run wild, which means I can usually create quick content after the fact. Just because you learned it on one site, does not mean your audience has learned that same information, so make sure to share it with them. You do not always have to reinvent the wheel. 

2 - Problem - But not all problems are created equal. I will give you an example, likely you have a cell phone, have you ever lost service in the middle of a call? Now did you immediately go out and change your cell phone carrier right away? Likely the answer is no. Let's say you take a job now that forces your kids to be home alone while you are at work all day and you know you will be in a zone with low service, I am willing to bet you consider changing plans then. 

Problems need to have business consequences, not just isolated inconveniences. Selling a product means asking a company to make a change, and there is risk associated with change.  A business consequence is not doing something “too slow” or “in too many steps.” A problem needs to be - if you do not change this, your business will see this consequence. 

Americans especially are aware of the problems in their business and choose which ones to remedy and which ones to put off until next year. This is the reason you can not rely on your product features to sell your product, but a squeaky wheel (or in this case, you presenting their problems) gets the oil. 

3 - Solution - which is an easy thing to present for a new business, you all love your product! But it is not just the presentation of the solution, it needs to include the steps to resolution. 

For example - if you tell me you fix cars, and your solution is a mobile mechanic, that is great, I love convenience. Where it goes wrong is if you neglect to tell me the next steps, a person purchasing a service might overthink the time commitment, or second guess the solutions, so it is best to lay out the next steps with the solution. 

What does that look like altogether?

  • Taking time off work to get your car fix leads to lost wages on average of at least 6 hours. 

  • Check out our team of mobile mechanics who can travel to your car instead of bringing the car to them.

This is where most descriptions of a product stop

But it should continue with one more section of text…

  • You can book up to 48 hours in advance and just drop a pinned location by 8 am the morning of service and we 

will get you fixed up before you have to leave again. If the solution will take longer than the time you have the technician will work with you to reschedule and the initial evaluation will be no extra charge.  



“How do I sell my product in America? (foolproof) “

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