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Estonia has become a tech hub - EstoniaMafia

Estonia is a country by the Baltic Sea,and currently home to around 1.4 million people. Interestingly enough the land that is Estonia has been inhabited by humans since at least 9,00BCE, but has only had independence from the Soviet Union since 1991. 

But since 1991 they have HIT THE GROUND RUNNING, and Estonia has become a tech hub.

Starting with the fact that Estonia has more startups per person than Silicon Valley, including 10 unicorns.

  • Skype 

  • Playtech 

  • Wise 

  • Bold 

  • Pipedrive 

  • Zego 


  • Gelato 

  • Veriff 

  • Glia 

Then we have E-residency, a process which I have been through myself and set up an arm of my business there, it is shockingly easy. 

If you happen to be over there and need a good place to catch up on emails, you can literally choose anywhere. Estonia is known for having the world's best internet connection, INCLUDING IN THE FOREST. Yes, you heard me right, Estonia has 4g in the forest. Take that Yellowstone! 

Once you get your idea hammered out, you can receive help from their startup accelerators, the one I am impressed with is Lift99 & Accelerate Estonia. Peer-to-peer advising is also taking off over there with places like that utilizes a partner network to help you build out your idea. 

Need paperwork and documents to move along a business transaction? - Estonia is a digital powerhouse, your information is almost entirely digital, so things move FAST. Including banking, again, all digital. 

Being digital also means you need to communicate across barriers, which should not be a problem because most Estonians speak both Estonian & English. 

Keep your eyes on DefenceTech growing out of Estonia - this is a personal opinion - but with Cyber Security growth spending dropping by 65% in 22-23, the DefenseTech industry will be filling the void when hackers step up their game. 

Maybe after all this you might just move, but as a person with E-citizenship, I can not say enough good things about Estonia. 

Cheers - Zach

Estonia has become a tech hub #EstoniaMafia

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