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5 quick tips to improve your landing page before entering a new market.

Expertise - You need to be an expert in your field, and your website needs to show it. Specifically, the field you are selling into. Do not let your website give all the details about your product and then completely neglect to mention the problem that it solves. 

Why does this matter? – Let's say you are a car mechanic. You will get customers coming to you when their vehicles are broken, which is fine, but you really need to be able to sell more. 

How do you do it? - Educate your customers, since you are an expert in the field of cars, ask them if they have changed their cabin air filter. They need to be changed every 15,000 miles (24140.16km for those overseas) If you want to go a level deeper, you can ask them if they noticed their air conditioning blowing less, then educate them that typically the air filter should be changed every 15k miles. 

Everybody trusts an expert, but you need to establish that you are the expert by the questions you ask paired with educational content on your site. 

Facial Branding - this is important because as humans we naturally form a level of trust about someone based on their face, even if we can not see their face. “The amygdala is able to assess how trustworthy another person’s face appears without it being consciously perceived.” - 2014 NYU study. Do not let someone make an assumption about your business by the sound of someone's voice. 

Put your team members' pictures up, with some fun details, it will create a connection even if it is across the ocean. You can leverage the positive relationships your team builds with current customers to enhance your inbound referrals. 

Setting clear expectations - This might be getting ahead of the conversation, but I believe it is important to include expectations because it helps people understand how much of their time is dedicated to the next move. On my site - - you will notice the first poll is clearly defined as a 5-minute questionnaire. Quick, easy, and to the point. 

Setting expectations will be different for each website, some landing pages offer a free version to try out for a certain amount of time. Alternatively, I have done websites that outline the initial conversation after you sign will be 1 hour long to establish XYZ, then you will only be notified before completion if you request it. 

Clarity of the problem you solve - What are you known for!? This is something that so many websites struggle with as they enter a new market. You must be clear about the problems you are trying to solve, the simpler the better. For a point of reference, your messaging should be clear enough for your grandmother to understand what you do. 

Humans naturally want to help and if you can give exactly what you fix, they are likely to know someone struggling with that problem. I am more likely to connect a person to a mechanic who fixes broken transmissions. Versus a mechanic who is a triple-A certified, 3.6 minute oil changer, with the fastest socket gun in the area. See how easy it can be to connect people when you understand the problem?

Clarity of your messaging - Yes, this is different from the clarity of your problem. Founders LOVE flowery language, and it has to stop. You are not an effective, reusable, classroom communicator with independent recording devices nestled in a conveniently located storage center. You are a chalkboard. Be clear about it. 

An example I frequently use is the cork salesman on the beach. If you are selling corks on the beach, it is very unlikely you are walking the beach talking about why your corks are better than other corks. Or that you just waiting for people to come by needing a cork. That would be silly. Instead, you are walking the beach looking for people with holes in their boat. Maybe even educating people that the water is choppy closer to the sunset and they should really have that hole fixed before they have to face that. 



"5 quick tips to improve your landing page"

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